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New lease on life: IIT student, convicted of murdering girlfriend, becomes maths teacher

Gaurav Verma – who was convicted of the 2010 murder of his female friend in Shimla – is nowadays a maths and physics trainer, way to Himachal Pradesh’s One Jail Inmates rehabilitation scheme.

In the spring of February 2010, a chilling homicide shook the sleepy tourist city of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. Two lovebirds, Gaurav Verma and Pragati Timberwolf, each student of the highest quality Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), had checked right into a resort to celebrate the boy’s birthday.
They have been dating due to the fact their coaching days in Kota, Rajasthan. A night and an altercation later, the lady became determined useless along with her head smashed with a larger bottle and throat and wrists slit.
The boy, who had manifestly ruined his lifestyles and career, became nabbed by the police from Yamunanagar, Haryana, to in which he had fled, and sentenced to existence imprisonment in a British-technology prison in Shimla.


National or even foreign information channels descended on the hill metropolis to cover the sensational tale of the pupil couple, dramatic motion pictures of which can be nevertheless available on YouTube.
Cut to 12 months 2017. Verma is now a type and smiling teacher at the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Memorial Public School in Kufri Dhar, 14 km from Shimla. At the school, the IIT lad, who should by no means complete his degree, now coaches students from elegance XI and XII in of the maximum tough and dreaded topics: Maths and Physics.
The teenage ladies and boys love him and he adores them too. He arrives at the college at 7 is and returns returned to his mobile on the Kanda Model Central Jail earlier than sundown.


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Verma was given his 2nd chance in life, way to director fashionable (DG) Somesh Goyal who believed in prisoner’s rehabilitation.
“I never an idea I would return to live a regular existence. My face became splashed everywhere in the media. I had slipped into depression. I saved crying the whole day and I became a recluse. There changed into nobody I could believe or proportion my emotions with,” said Verma.
Then Goyal joined as DG in 2015. “In him, I determined a mom or dad. Knowing my qualification, he advocated me to do various things, like supporting inside the computerisation of prison information, developing katara bazaar.Into marketplace jail products, and coaching other inmates and so on,” said Verma.
In February 2017, Gaurav becomes told that he was decided on underneath the ‘Open Jail Inmates,’ a scheme in which life convicts are rewarded for his or her appropriate conduct with job opportunities even outdoor jail premises on a circumstance that they record lower back by five pm.
The instructors of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Memorial School first got here to recognize about Verma whilst their students came to Kanda Jail to perform cultural occasions in the event of Republic and Independence Day. They enquired if he may want to teach. And DG Somesh Goyal easily agreed.
Earlier this 12 months, the faculty’s principal ran a signature marketing campaign amongst senior students asking in the event that they have been okay being taught by way of a homicide convict. “We thought it might be extremely good to have an IITian train our children technology,” stated Principal Ranjana Jaret.
“And they all signed their approval at once… Nowadays, all of them get along so well, it is difficult to think that Gaurav had a violent beyond. The children realize about it and they are k with it. In fact, teachers have informed me that they approach Gaurav despite their private issues. They are pretty pally with him,” introduced Jaret. It can be noted that over 2,000 convicts in Himachal Pradesh have benefited from its ‘Open Jail Inmates’ policy.
According to DG Goyal, who’s credited with pushing the coverage, it’s miles all approximate building agree with. “The scheme, which we also call as Har Haath Ko Kham (Work for every hand), is open only for lifestyles convicts. We examine their behavior for years, and simplest while determined suitable, we allow them to out in the day time without supervision,” said Goyal.

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