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Try These 10 DIY Christmas Home Decoration Ideas

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas will be here in a few weeks. And it’s time to start thinking about decorating your home. Here are a few DIY ideas to welcome your guests.

Bring cheer and the air of festivity into your home this Christmas, with some unique decoration ideas. Instead of relying on store-bought decoration, get the whole family together and make your own Christmas home décor.

Invite guests over for a wonderful party and wow them with these simple Christmas decoration ideas.


#1 Tyred Snowman

So what if it doesn’t snow in our country? You can still make a snowman, but with something other than snow.

-You need about 5-6 used car tyres.

-Paint them white using thick oil paint.

-Stack 3 tyres, one on top of each other.

-Cut a cardboard disc a little bigger than the inner edge. Pain it white. Paste it on the remaining tyre.

-Wedge this last tyre in the hollow of the topmost tyre.

-Use black paint to give your snowman eyes and a smile.

-Stick a carrot for its nose.

#2 Balloon and cups string lighting

Tired of the same old fairy lights and string lights? Make your own Christmas light decorations.

-Blow up some colourful balloons.

-Stick coloured paper cups over the knotted end.

-Wrap bright twine around the cups to make a garland.

-Lace the string lights through the twine.

#3 Hanging stick Christmas tree

No place for a Christmas tree? Don’t worry. Make a hanging one at home with sticks.

-Find 10-12 sticks of different sizes.

-Tie these together to form a vertical hanging tree, with the biggest stick at the bottom, and the smallest on top.

-Make a big loop and hang the tree to a hook on the wall.

-Decorate in your own style.

#4 Santa forgets his hat

This makes for a unique table decoration.

-Paint a can black and stick it upside down on a black saucer.

-Paste a bow or decorate with red berries and paper holly.

#5 PVC candy cane

No Christmas house decoration ideas can be complete without candy cane.

-You can fashion these out of PVC pipes and the joint elbow.

-Sand the pipes and apply a primer.

-After it dries, cover it with tape to create a twisted pattern.

-Spray paint it red.

-Remove the tape and viola, your candy cane is ready.

#6 Yarn Christmas tree

This makes for a lovely gift too.

-Make a small paper cone (as per your size).

-Give it a glue wash with a brush.

-Wrap green twine or yarn on it.

-Wait till the glue dries completely.

-Gently detach the green yarn ‘tree’.

-Decorate and gift or place it in your house.

Also, check out these innovative, “green”, DIY Christmas tree here at Reward Me.

#7 Decorative candles

Candles are part of Christmas home decor ideas.

-Buy simple white pillar candles.

-Give the lower half (more or less) a glue wash.

-Roll the candles in red glitter.

-After the glue dries and glitter is attached, arrange the candles in a decorative tray or place them around the house.

-Wow your guests with a candlelight evening.

#8 Candy cover pillows

Christmas is all about comfort and lounging with family, watching your favourite movie (again!). Add some Christmas cheer by decorating the living room with cushion covers in bright red and white – one of the classic Christmas decorating themes.

#9 Create an inviting welcome

Welcome your guests with cheerful candles in mason jars placed near the entrance.

-Fill the jars with Epsom salt.

-Place pillar or aromatic candles inside.

-Create a warm and inviting welcome for your guests.

#10 Gift wrap your cabinets

Add some holiday cheer by covering the insides of your kitchen shelves with wrapping paper in Christmas theme. You can also stick on bows to complete the effect.

Also, check out these gorgeous Christmas gift wrapping ideas that you can use for your lovely presents this holiday season!

Which of these Christmas decoration ideas appeals to you? To spread cheer and happiness, don’t forget to fill your home with the fragrance from Ambipur.

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