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4 Things to Remember While Preparing For Board Exams


For almost all of us, board exams are one of the crucial events that make or break our lives to a certain extent. For students, board exams are the right platform to build the foundation of their careers for the coming years. The marks scored in these exams are crucial while choosing the stream to study as they wish to follow in future. Below are certain things to remember while preparing for exams at this level:


1. Have a schedule plan:

This would mean that you have to spot the sections where you have little understanding like for instance a topic like Carbon Cycle, at the start of your preparations followed by tackling these areas as swiftly as possible. It is advisable to chart a timetable keeping in mind about the weak section followed by visiting the stronger ones. Following this way, it would bring down the urge to procrastinate while learning. However, one should be careful not to skip the other sections fully despite you being strong in those areas.

2. Use of Notes or Flashcards:

Well, we cannot emphasize enough about the effectiveness of note making or using flash cards despite it might seem like a trivial activity. When the time of exams are approaching nearby, there are different ways to reverse concepts and what better way would be there other than relying on the notes or flashcards that you had prepared while studying chapters on a daily basis.

3. Use of sample question papers:

To gain mastery over the challenges faced during exams, there is no better way in comparison to working with previous year or sample question papers. Working with these papers would provide a candidate with the pattern of exams so that students would know about the areas they need to focus on. Also, the question pattern of previous year papers is followed usually in the exams for the current year.

4. Study in Groups:

For students who find it difficult to focus on difficult topics, they would find it easy if these topics are discussed among study groups where students exchange their ideas on the same. While discussing difficult topics like Nitrogen Cycle, students who are familiar with them could simplify them to their peers and the same could be done by students who are unfamiliar with the same topic to advise others.

From the above points, one would have understood that board exams could be tackled swiftly provided the student follow the above steps properly.

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