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Snowmobile races featured at Snodeo festival in Rangeley

RANGELEY — The Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club welcomed lots of traffic to the once a year Snodeo weekend party.

On Thursday, the laugh kicked off in Oquossoc with the popular Chili Chowder Cook-Off at The Gingerbread House and Casino Night at Bald Mountain Camps. On Friday night, the live auction at Moose Alley generated proceeds for the membership’s grooming operations.

Saturday’s Rock Maple Racing Team’s Cross-Country and Tame the Track Tour snowmobile races at Steven Bean Municipal Airport were a massive hit.

Tara Saxton of Laconia, New Hampshire, is the owner of Rock Maple Racing and has been within the snowmobile racing commercial enterprise for decades. Her circle of relatives offered the series in 2003. She was given out of the business in 2010 but become convinced to return in 2016 to begin strolling the races again.

“I was given suckered again in,” she said with amusing.Image result for Snowmobile races featured at Snodeo festival in Rangeley

The racers run a 5-mile loop in natural terrain in 5 separately timed races, and competitions can ultimate till almost darkish. Each competitor has a transponder that logs finishes to the millisecond, she stated.


“Believe it or no longer, that millisecond could make a distinction,” she stated.

Each Pro and Semi-Pro series racer has to qualify and feature an authorized 600cc sledge with an engine kill transfer and a running taillight.

“Rangeley is one of our pleasant websites,” she stated. “We get quite a few spectators, and it’s an awesome crowd.”

Tresa Kodey of Endwell, New York, stated her son, Austin, 22, has been racing in view that he was 6. He becomes one of the racers in the Semi-Pro Circuit. He commenced within the East Coast Snocross competitions, she stated, however, he determined to enrol in the RMR XC travelling group.

Corey Laughton, from left, and Claudette Tetu of Strafford, New Hampshire, and Shelley and Roland Gagnon of Somersworth, New Hampshire, enjoyed the yearly Snodeo weekend in Rangeley. The weekend delivered thousands of visitors to observe snowmobile races, the popular Rave X stunt riders show a snow sledge parade and fireworks over Rangeley Lake. (Valerie Tucker picture)

AdvertisementImage result for Snowmobile races featured at Snodeo festival in Rangeley

On Saturday, the Rock Maple Racing go us of a collection introduced snowmobilers from Canada, New England and New York to Rangeley for a day of fierce competition. The Semi-Pro magnificence required each rider to compete in 5 races, each five miles long, via groomed trails around the Steven A. Bean Municipal Airport. (Valerie Tucker picture)

Getting your snowmobile geared up for the using season is a method of examining several regions and ensuring they may be safe and equipped for the bloodless and snow. One of the areas that you may need to be sure and inspect is the tune. A worn out track can’t simplest cause difficult using while you need traction, but if it breaks whilst you’re using, maybe downright risky.

Over the course of driving and miles your music will start to degrade and ultimately get to a degree wherein it will need an alternative.

If you see cracks inside the rubber of your tune that is known as dry rot or weathering, this is a precursor to substitute. These cracks will get bigger and ultimately will compromise the integrity of the tune.

Check for missing track clips. If you notice broken or missing tune clips you have to be able to just update these without having to install a whole new track. Missing clips will cause your track to put on more speed so you will want to make sure and update the lacking ones. These may be bought at your neighbourhood provider.

Check for broken lugs. You will have missing or broken lugs for a couple of unique reasons. You might also have hit something hard and damaged or torn the lug, or if your track is simply too deteriorated they’ll just begin to crack and destroy off with age. With a pair damaged off or broken you need to nonetheless be OK, but as more spoil, it will start to have an effect on your traction inside the snow and on ice.

Be certain and shop your snowmobile in a covered, dry garage region and take into account to apply a block or jack to slightly elevate the snowmobile music off the floor to maintain it from dry rotting too speedy.


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