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Ice hockey: Results, links and featured coverage for

Being a full-time online marketing method you need to hold a close watch on how Google is ranking pages on the internet… One very serious concern is the whole trouble of duplicate content material. More importantly, how does having replica content material in your personal web site and on other human beings’ websites, affect your keyword rankings in Google and the other search engines like google and yahoo?

Now, currently, it appears that evidently, Google is much extra open approximately just how it ranks content material. I say “appears” due to the fact with Google there are years and years of distrust in relation to how they treat content and webmasters. Google’s complete “do as I say” mindset leaves a bitter taste in most webmasters’ mouths. So plenty so, that many have had extra than sufficient of Google’s mindset and ignore what Google and their pundits say altogether.

This might be very emotionally satisfying, however, is it the right path or mindset to take? Probably not!

Mainly because, irrespective of whether you like or hate Google, there is no denying they’re King of on-line seek and you have to play by their guidelines or leave numerous extreme online sales on the table. Now, for my major key-word content material/pages even a lack of only a few places inside the scores can imply I lose hundreds of dollars in daily commissions, so anything affecting my scores obviously gets my instant interest.

So the complete complicated trouble of duplicate content has precipitated me a few difficulties and I have made an ongoing intellectual notice to myself to discover the whole lot I can approximately it. I am especially involved approximately my content material being ranked decrease due to the fact the serps suppose it’s far replica content and penalizes it.

My scenario is compounded by the fact that I am closely into article advertising – the same articles are featured on masses, some instances thousands of sites across the net. Naturally, I am concerned those articles will dilute or lower my scores rather than accomplish their supposed motive of getting higher rankings.

I try and range the anchor text/keyword link inside the aid packing containers of those articles. I don’t use the same keyword phrase again and again once more, as I am almost 99% nice Google has a “key-word use” quota – repeat the same keyword phrase too frequently and your rather related content material may be reduced around 50 or 60 places, basically taking it out of the hunt consequences. Been there, performed that!Image result for Ice hockey: Results, links and featured coverage for

I even like filing precise articles to sure popular websites so most effective that website online has the article, thus disposing of the whole replica content material issue. This additionally makes for an amazing SEO method, mainly for starting online entrepreneurs, your own website online will take some time to get to a PR6 or PR7, but you can vicinity your content material and hyperlinks on high PR7 or PR8 authority websites immediately. This will bring in great visitors and help your personal web page get installed.

Another manner I combat this trouble is with the aid of using a 301 re-direct so that traffic and PageRank flow to the URL I need to be ranked. You also can use your Google Webmaster Tool account to show which model of your site you want to be ranked or featured: with or without the “w w w”.

The entire purpose for doing any of this has to do with PageRank juice – you need to bypass alongside this ranking juice to the correct web page or content material. This can boost your scores, especially in Google.

Thankfully, there may be the noticeably new “canonical tag” you can use to tell the serps this is the web page/content material you need to be featured or ranked. Just add this meta hyperlink tag on your content material that you need to be ranked or featured, as in the example given below:

link rel=”canonical” href=”region your preferred hyperlink here”
Anyway, this complete replica problem has many faces and aspects, so I like going at once to Google for my statistics. Experience has shown me that Google doesn’t continually provide you with the whole month, but for the most element, you may observe what they are saying. Lately, during the last yr or so, Google appears to have made a major policy alternate and are telling webmasters lots extra statistics on how they (Google) rank their index.

So in case, you’re involved or interested by finding out more approximately replica content material and what Google says approximately it attempt these helpful links. First one is a completely informative video at the concert entitled “Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues” that is offered through Greg Grothaus who works for Google.

Image result for Ice hockey: Results, links and featured coverage for

In yet some other published, Matt Cutts discusses the associated difficulty of content material scraping and advises site owners no longer to fear about it. This is a slightly extraordinary depend, other webmasters and unmentionables may use software to scrape your web site and location your content material on their website. This has passed off to me, countless instances, along with whilst my content material has been decreased to scrambled nonsense. Cutts says not to fear about this rely upon as Google can typically tell the authentic source of the cloth. In truth, having links in this duplicate content material might also simply assist your scores in Google.

“There are a few folks who virtually hate scrapers and try to crack down on them and try to get every unmarried one deleted or kicked off their net host,” says Cutts. “I tend to be the form of a character who doesn’t clearly fear approximately it, because the large, significant, good sized majority of the time, it’s going to be you that comes up, now not the scraper. If the fellow is scraping and scrapes the content material that has a link to you, he is linking to you, so worst case, it will not hurt, but in some weird instances, it might certainly help a touch bit.”

As a complete time online marketer I am now not so easily convinced, I, in particular, have pressing worries approximately my unscrupulous competition the use of these scrapings and duplicate content to undermine one’s scores in Google by means of triggering a few keywords unsolicited mail clear out. Whether in reality this simply takes place, handiest Google is aware of for certain, however it’s miles just every other indication, no matter the very exact and helpful statistics given above, duplicate content material and the issues surrounding it, will still present extreme issues for online entrepreneurs and site owners in the destiny.


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