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5 Tips To Keep Your Two-wheeler Functional During Monsoon

Monsoon has arrived and so have the problems associated with it. The rainy season brings with it a set of challenges for two-wheelers and their riders. From frequent flooding to pot-holed roads, your two-wheeler has to navigate through some tough conditions to get you to your destination. Every year, newspapers are filled with bike accident reports. Unfortunately, watching bike riders slip and injure themselves has become a common site during the rainy season. You need to take adequate measures to ensure that your two-wheeler stays safe during the monsoon. Listed below are 5 tips that will help you to ensure that your bike stays fully functional and is fit to battle the threats posed by excessive rainfall.

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Bike Servicing

Make it a point to visit your bike’s service station before monsoon hits top gear. Apart from the regular maintenance-related activities such as oil change and chain lubrication, you can go for anti-rust coating as well. It is important to clear bike’s air filters and ensure that there is no moisture saturation. Balding tires need to be replaced and squeaky brakes need to be fine-tuned to perfection. Two-wheeler’s indicating lights need to be checked from time to time. You will need those lights while riding in heavy rainfall.

Cover Your Bike

Avoid parking your bike in the open. Heavy rainfall might affect the bike’s aesthetics. Also, its electrical components might get damaged. Always park your bike in a covered area. Park it away from trees as a branch might fall on your bike if it gets too windy. It is a good practice to place a cover on your bike when not in use.

Stay Alert

Your awareness quotient needs to be increased while riding a two-wheeler in the monsoon season. Your visibility might get affected due to heavy rains. Riding in the city is getting challenging day by day due to heavy traffic and infrastructure development activities, example – flyover and metro construction. Due to this, chances of getting involved in an accident and damaging your bike are higher during the monsoon. Respect the traffic rules, and be wary of potholes, hawkers, pedestrians, and fellow riders and drivers.

Safety Gear

Wear your helmet even if it is a short ride. Countless lives have been saved because of that safety device. Also, wear appropriate clothing while riding your two-wheeler in the monsoon season. Your two-wheeler will stay safe if you are safe and ride comfortably.

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance policy

Two-wheeler insurance is mandatory as per law in India. Apart from meeting regulatory requirements, a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance policy protects you from financial losses in case your bike is involved in an accident. It also provides insurance against calamities and theft. You can enhance this cover by adding suitable Add-ons to your two-wheeler insurance policy. Roadside Assistance and Engine Protection are two popular two-wheeler insurance Add-ons.

Bike Insurance Online

Few years ago, purchasing and renewing two-wheeler insurance used to be a tedious task. It involved a lot of paperwork. People found it difficult to understand the policy as it was filled with jargons. Today, digitization has changed the insurance landscape. Now you can easily purchase and renew bike insurance online. The online purchase journey is similar to E-commerce websites. You have to select your preferred policy, mention details, make the payment, and the policy is emailed in your inbox almost instantaneously.

Stay Insured All The Time

Riding a bike without a valid two-wheeler policy is a punishable offense. You might have purchased the best two-wheeler insurance policy but an expired policy is no good. Thus, you need to ensure that you not only purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy but also keep renewing it from time to time.




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