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Amazing Airport Services You May Not Know Existed

Let’s face it– airport travel can be a hassle. Crowds, delays, and the TSA can add up the stress on almost any passenger. Many airports are coming up with amazing services to ease the traveler’s woes. These unique airport services are sure to brighten up your next trip.


That’s right… Aquariums, plural. Opened in 2007, the Vancouver Airport features two separate aquariums. The main aquarium on Level 3 of the international terminal holds the airport’s largest tank. Holding 30,116 gallons (114,000 liter) of water, the bigger of the two aquariums holds upwards of 5,000 animals. The highlights are the wolf eels that pop out of their caves to see the visitors. Level 4, also in the International Terminal of the Vancouver Airport, holds the smaller aquarium. At only 476 gallons (1,800 liters), this tank is home to jellyfish, the Pacific sea nettle jellyfish to be exact. By highlighting the best of local ocean wildlife inside the terminal, it gives travelers a deeper connection to their location.



Located at Terminal 2 in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport is the Hilton Hotel. For $15, the hotel offers the use of their gym, pool, and steam room. Instead of fighting for chairs and chargers in the terminal, work off the tension and relax with a lap around the pool. A steam shower will have you calmed and ready for the trip ahead. Layovers will never be the same once you’ve experienced pampering yourself.

Free Mobile Internet

More and more airports have made it a point to install hi-speed mobile internet within its premises. Mobile internet in airports, have even been identified as a measurement for its ability to innovate. This technology increases the productivity of travelers exponentially. Guests no longer need to just wait around doing nothing. They can now do wide variety of tasks such as do business through e-mails, catch up on the latest fantasy football news, or update loved ones on the status of your flight.

Luxury Car Rentals

Did you know that you can rent a luxury car straight from the terminal? The days of driving away from the airport in a Ford Fiesta are over. Luxury car rental companies offer beautiful cars and tremendous service for those that want to travel in style while on the go. Imagine being able to ride away from the airport in a Tesla, Mercedes S-Class, or Excursion, without the inconvenience of a rental counter.

Leisure & Unwind Time

Changi International Airport in Singapore features the world’s tallest airport slide. If you’re looking to stretch your legs before a long flight or remove those little pre-flight jitters, what could be more fun than flying down a 12 meter high–four-story tall, super slide. The Slide @ T3 was opened to encourage spending within the terminal. Spend $10 inside the airport, get a free ticket to ride the slide. Not feeling brave enough to take the plunge? You can still participate by hanging out in the viewing area in Terminal 3. You’ll even find gardens, runway views, and a movie theater. With everything from airport slides to free videogames, modern airports are really making traveling that much more enjoyable. In particular, Changi International Airport has used these approaches to keep itself at the forefront of the airport services market.

Luxury Pet Terminal

Pet owners can now rest easy knowing that their furry friends are in good hands at the JFK Airport. Their Luxury Pet Terminal offers a wide range of services. Their grooming area can have your pets walking in style with the latest trends in pet fashion. Well configured transportation systems also ensure that your pets travel comfortably. Finally, veterinary clinics are stationed to make sure your pets are safe for flight. It can also treat minor ailments and perform check ups for your pets.

Medical Care

Maximize your time spent at the airport by taking care of your personal health. Many airports are now offering a variety of healthcare services for passengers in airport terminals. Need a flu shot? Dozens of airports nationwide are now offering flu shots. Been awhile since you had your teeth cleaned? Check out the dentistry services that are now available in JFK Airport in New York. From walk-in clinics to pharmacies and physical therapy to primary care physicians–airport services really have changed.

Airports are really evolving to accommodate the needs of passengers today and for the future. Airport waiting time can be long and stressful, but with the addition of these airport services and the many others we may see, airports might be the best place to multi-task, have fun, and get a little rest and relaxation.

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