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EA features racist ‘Madden’ player during E3 press conference

During its E3 2017 press conference these days, EA spent a couple of minutes talking about its sports video games and their aggressive groups. One of the games featured of their supercut of pro sports recreation players changed into Chris “Dubby” McFarland, a Madden player who became fined and forced to express regret after EA Sports noticed his addiction of tweeting out racist messages.

Hubby won $seventy-five,000 for his first location end at the Madden Bowl 2017 tournament in February and changed into fined $3,000 after tweeting multiple offensive messages. After people went lower back thru his timeline and determined a handful of racist tweets, Dubby decided the quality route of action would be to write down extra. The new set of tweets had been reputedly what landed him the first-class.

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A sampling of these messages was saved here and incorporate multiple makes use of-of the N-phrase.

Since then, all of these tweets were deleted, consisting of his apology. It looks as if Dubby desired to position the whole state of affairs at the back of him and hoped each person would neglect approximately his racist tendencies. Nope.

According to Polygon, one in every of his tweets after prevailing Madden Bowl 2017 changed into: “Yall searching via 75 thousand tweets, ima seek through 75 thousand bucks…Inform me how my ass flavor #neeeeedit”

His apology tweet read: “When I gained the Madden Bowl my tweets were now not only for the Culture they have been for all people. I keep in mind that better now.”

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EA seems to have forgotten, even though, displaying more than one clips of Dubby throughout the part of their press conference that talked about how outstanding its aggressive communities are.


Features of Android 7.Zero Nougat You’ll Love

Google officially unveiled the Android 7.Zero Nougat for certain Nexus gadgets earlier this week.

The trendy version of the sector’s maximum famous cellular operating device has brought a range of latest cool features to enhance the general person experience. Here are five I ‘ve determined to be the maximum beneficial.

(1) Split Screen Apps:

Split screen mode is arguably the most high-quality function of the Android 7.0 which lets the users run apps on their display screen concurrently.

This way you can examine a website even as the Twitter feed is updating or watch a video while replying to emails and do a lot more without switching between the apps.

Some 0.33-birthday celebration cut up display screen or multitasking apps have been discovered on excessive-give up Samsung smartphones and tablets in beyond, but they labored most effective with certain apps. Now Google has natively covered the characteristic in Android that runs almost all of the apps I’ve attempted.

(2) Instant Apps:

The immediately Apps feature is defined as the most important alternative to app shops in years, which lets you straight away run an app in Google Play Store even without having to download it.

Simply open Play Store page and you may instantly test an app to look whether or not must download it or now not.

(3) Better Notifications:

The notification menu has got a fab overhaul in the Android Nougat. The update utilizes the to be had an area greater effectively to present a sleeker appearance to the notifications so you can effortlessly determine wherein they have come from.

The characteristic additionally allows you to package notifications of the same app together. You can then make bigger these notifications with the aid of tapping make the bigger icon to get greater details. This function is particularly beneficial for messaging apps like WhatsApp, which frequently fills the whole notification menu with separate messages.

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